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Collecting Lynchburg Insulators
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This Site Map does not include individual mold numbers; these can be accessed from the various Lynchburg CD Style pages (also Gayner CD Styles).

Collecting Lynchburg Insulators (Index)

Lynchburg Glass: Historical Information

History of Lynchburg Glass Works and Lynchburg Glass Corporation

The History of Lynchburg Glass Works, 1919-1922

The History of Lynchburg Glass Corporation, 1923-1928

Plant Site Configuration and Photos

Historical Archives

Lynchburg Glass Works

Stockholders List 1 (not yet available)

Stockholders List 2

The O'Neill No. 30 Bottle Machine (1921)

Advertisement for Sale of the Lynchburg Glass Works Plant (1922)

Lynchburg Glass Corporation

Minutes of Directors' and Stockholders' Meetings

Correspondence: W. H. Loyd and William Gayner

Correspondence: Sale of Lynchburg Plant

Correspondence: Miscellaneous

Lynchburg Insulator Product "Catalog", 1923

Lynchburg Insulator Product "Catalog", 1924

Lynchburg Advertising Brochure, c. 1924

Employment Ad (Glassworker, 1924)

Lynchburg Insulator Press (Glass Industry, 1924)

Diagram of Kribs' Insulator Press

Lynchburg Production Data

Production Records by Week

Production Timeline (Adobe .pdf)

CD Styles

Chart of Style and CD Numbers

Company Style Number Comparison

CD 106, No. 10

CD 112, No. 31

The Origin of the CD 112

CD 121, No. 30

CD 122, No. 30

CD 145, No. 43

CD 154, No. 44

CD 160, No. 32

CD 162, No. 36

Varieties of Lynchburg CD 162

CD 164, No. 38

CD 205, No. 53

CD 251, No. 1 Cable

CD 252, No. 2 Cable

CD 281, No. 180

CD 306, No. 181

Insulator Features

Lynchburg Base Types

Colors of Lynchburg Insulators

Altered Colors

Types of Lettering (available but yet completed)

The Variety of "L" Logos (available but yet completed)

Lynchburg Mysteries and Questions

The Elusive No. 48 (available but yet completed)

Lynchburg CD 103? (not yet available)

"No Name" Lynchburgs?(available but yet completed)

Gayner Insulators at Lynchburg? (available but yet completed)

Birmingham Insulators (available but yet completed)



Color Swirls

Milk and Jade

Carbon Swirls



Dome Glass



Drip Points

Glass Flows





Damaged Molds


Gayner Insulators (not yet available)

Gayner CD Styles (not yet complete)

CD 106

CD 153

"No Name" Gayner Insulators (not yet available)