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Lynchburg CD 112.1*

NO. 31 Double Groove Pony


*The CD designation for this style of Lynchburg insulator was changed from CD 112 to CD 112.1 in 2018.

CD 112.1, Telephone Transposition

Original Molds: Brookfield CD 102

Number of molds known: 9*

Mold Types: 1 (all molds are slightly different)

Major Lettering Arrangements: 2

Lettering Variations: 4

Crown Lettering: XO, 01

Retooled Molds: No

Base Types: CDP, RDP

Number made: 175,532**

Original price 1924: $33.00 per 1,000; 3.3 cents each

 * most molds occur both with and without a mold number
** The listed total comes from Lynchburg production records, and may not include pieces made in clear and clear-tinted colors (see Birmingham).

Colors: Aqua, Blue Aqua, Lt. Green Aqua, Lt. Sage Aqua, Sage Blue, Lt. Sage Green, Green, Apple Green, Emerald Green, Yellow Green, Crystal Clear, Clear w/Pink Tint


The Lynchburg CD 112.1 was created from reworked Brookfield CD 102 molds (see The Origin of the Lynchburg CD 112.1).

As a result, no two molds are exactly alike, a feature shared with Lynchburg's CD 252. There are minor differences in the shape of the dome, the width of the upper wire groove and its shape, as well as overall height. One mold (MOLD 5) is about 2mm taller than the others. Since these variations are unique to each mold, they are not considered different types.

CD 112 comparison
Comparison of different sizes of Lynchburg CD 112.1 molds, from the left: Mold 5, Mold 2, Mold 4.

All lettering on the molds is hand engraved. It is uniform and in the same style, suggesting that the lettering was all done by a single engraver. On most of the molds, the 1 of 31 is engraved at an angle so that the edge slopes to the right (see below). All of the molds have either 01 or XO on top of crown.

Arrow points to sloping edge of the 1.

This style does not occur in smooth base. There are a variety of base collars used on CD 112.1, resulting in different drip points even on a single mold.

CD 112 different base types
Example of various base collars used on a single mold, here Mold 1: CDP:sm (left), CDP:n (center), NDP:b (right).

There were 175,532 of these made between January 7, 1924 and March 28, 1925 (see below). This total may not include clear and clear tinted pieces (see Birmingham).

Most Lynchburg molds were made in sets of either six or 12. However, there are only nine confirmed molds of CD 112.1. All 9 molds occur with a mold number. Five of these molds have been confirmed without a mold number (made before the mold numbers were added), and one other mold has been reported but not confirmed, Mold E (5). All 9 molds may exist without a mold number.

Molds below in gray may exist but have not been confirmed. Molds in brackets have been reported but are not yet confirmed.

Mold A (1) Mold B (2)* Mold C (3) Mold D (4) [Mold E (5)] Mold F (6) Mold G (7) Mold H (8) Mold I (9)
Mold 1 Mold 2 Mold 3 Mold 4 Mold 5 Mold 6 Mold 7 Mold 8 Mold 9

* formerly Mold A

Additional Information

The Origin of the CD 112.1

Known Lettering of Lynchburg CD 112.1

Lettering: [] = described text; / = next line of text

EIN Front Lettering Reverse Lettering Crown Lettering Molds
[010], [020] LYNCHBURG No 31 [L logo] [Number] MADE IN / U.S.A. XO 1,2,5,7
[010], [020] LYNCHBURG No 31 [L logo] [Number] MADE IN / U.S.A. 01 3,4,6,8,9
[030], [040] LYNCHBURG No 31 [L logo] [Number] MADE IN / U.S.A   *
unlisted LYNCHBURG No 31 [L logo] MADE IN / U.S.A. XO B, E, G
unlisted LYNCHBURG No 31 [L logo] MADE IN / U.S.A. 01 C, F, I

* while the Price Guide lists molds without any crown lettering, all nine molds of Lynchburg CD 112.1 have either an XO or 01 on top of crown. These crown markings were a feature of the original Brookfield CD 102 molds from which these were made. The crown markings may be indistinct on some pieces made later.

Chart of Production Records for CD 112.1

Dates Number Produced
Jan 7 to Feb 16, 1924 103,592
Feb 2 to Feb 14, 1925 18,815
Feb 23 to Feb 28, 1925 39,105
Mar 16 to Mar 28, 1925 14,020
TOTAL 175,532*

* This total may not include clear and clear tinted pieces (see Birmingham).

The Origin of the Lynchburg CD 112.1