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Lynchburg Glass History Archive

A collection of historical information related to the two Lynchburg Glass companies and Lynchburg Insulators. -1-

The Plant Site

Plant Site Photos, Then and Now, includes maps and survey plats of the site and surrounding areas.

The People

A letter (1911) and check (1913) signed by N. D. Eller while secretary-treasurer of Piedmont Mills.

Lynchburg Glass Works

List of Stockholders (1919 ?)

List of Stockholders (1920 ?)

The O'Neill No. 30 Bottle Machine (1921)

Letter to Coca Cola Bottler (1921)

Advertisement for Sale of the Lynchburg Glass Works Plant (1922)

References in Trade Journals: Lynchburg Glass Works (1918-1923) [not yet available]

Newspaper Articles [not yet available]

Lynchburg Glass Corporation

Minutes of Directors' and Stockholders' Meetings, Menu

Lynchburg Insulator Product "Catalog" and Envelope, 1923

Lynchburg Insulator Product "Catalog", 1924

Lynchburg Insulators in Pettingell-Andrews Catalog, 1924

Baker-Joslyn Ad for Lynchburg Insulators, 1924

Price Lists and Comparison of Prices, 1923-1925

Sell Price-Cost Comparison, Nov, 1923-Mar, 1924

Lynchburg Advertising Brochure, c. 1924-1925

Employment Ad (Glassworker, 1924)

Lynchburg Insulator Press (Glass Industry, 1924)

Diagram of Kribs' Insulator Press

Insurance Documents

The Gayner Family

Letters Related to Sale of the Facilities and Equipment

Correspondence between W. H. Loyd and J. William Gayner, Menu
      Letter to William Gayner - Sale of Insulator Equipment (1927)

Correspondence between Mr. Loyd and Prospective Buyers

Correspondence, Miscellaneous

References in Trade Journals: Lynchburg Glass Corporation (1923-1928) [not yet available]

Newspaper Articles [not yet available]

Related Documents

How to Get Rid of Scum on a Tank Melting Flint Bottle Glass, by J. William Gayner

Documents signed by N. D. Eller, from Piedmont Mills


1. Some of the material in these archives was obtained from The Insulator Gazette.