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From an article in The Glass Industry, a trade journal, July 1924 (vol. 5, no. 7, p. 136, col. 2; available at The Insulator Gazette).

A machine of the Brookfield type with improvements developed by the owners for making glass insulators automatically has been installed in the factory of the Lynchburg Glass Corporation, at Lynchburg, Virginia.

The mammoth machine, illustrated here, takes glass in the molten state from the furnace, cuts off a gob of the proper size, presses it automatically and deposits the finished insulator on a conveyor which takes it into the annealing lehr.

Automatic Insulator Press.

According to J. William Gayner, vice-president and general manager of the Lynchburg company the machine embodies the experience of three generations of the Brookfield family in the manufacture of insulators.

At the Lynchburg factory a full line of insulators of all types now in use is made and shipped to all sections of the United States and to numerous foreign countries. By means of this machine, the owners expect to be able to compete with the Germans for the South American trade. They are opening agencies in Cuba, Mexico and South America for the sale of their product.

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