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CD 162 - Type III, Mold G7

Color: Blue Aqua w/Amber streaks
Base Type: CDP:w


Features: Reworked CD 162 I, Mold G7 and CD 162 II, Mold G7, to further widen wire groove. On front, the right leg of the R is not quite connected to the rest of the letter; L logo is often very weak. On reverse, S slants to the right; MADE IN is often indistinct. On some pieces, the lettering is very worn (see below). This mold was retooled to strengthen the skirt, CD 162 III, Mold G7.1.

Mold Number Location: Reverse centered below NO.

Lettering Images:

C D 162 G7 reverse letters
Detail of reverse lettering of CD 162 Type III Mold G7.

Detail showing worn lettering on later production of this mold.