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CD 281 - Mold 5

Color: Green
Base Type: CDP*

*see photo below; Drip Point Anomalies. Photos courtesy Josh Subotnik

Features: Lettering is strong and even with rounded edges. NO. 180 is located across the top of the dome. On reverse, there is a large circular blot out above and between MADE IN and U.S.A., followed by a much smaller circular blot out to the right; there is a wide space (about 45mm) between MADE IN and U.S.A. This mold was reworked to add a top wire groove, CD 306, Mold 5.

Mold Number Location: on reverse to the left and slightly below MADE.

Additional Images:

mold number
Detail of mold number

drip points
Detail of drip points. These are actually CDP but appear rounded because they were not fully formed, either because of underpour (not enough glass in the mold), or more likely as the result of glass being too hot when removed from the mold and the drip points melting or slumping before being placed on the annealing tray.