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CD 145 - Type II, Mold B (Mold 2)

CD 145 Mold B front CD a45 Mold B reverse
Color: Lt. Aqua
Base Type: CDP:w, slanted inward


Features: Lettering is tentative and weak with mostly rounded edges. On front, there are three large circles blot-outs beneath and below LYNCHBURG and the L logo. Upper portion of LYNCHBURG is often illegible. On reverse, there is a large circle blotout above and to the left of NO. Both a dot and a dash follow NO, although the fot is very weak. The S slants slightly to the right with teh upper arm smaller. There is a Brookfield shop marking backwards 2 on top of crown. This mold was retooled to strengthen the lettering and to add a mold number, CD 145 II, Mold 2.

Mold Number Location: no mold number

Lettering Images: