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CD 145 - Type I, Mold 1

Color: Lt. Aqua
Base Type: CDP:w


Features: Lettering is generally bold and even with triangular edges. On front, LYNCHBURG is often indistinct. There are faint traces of blot outs below YN (see below). On reverse, there is both a dot and a dash before 43 (NO.-43); the 43 is much shallower with rounded edges and is often indistinct or illegible. The S of U.S.A. is smaller at the top. There is a circular blot-out on the reverse above N of NO. On top of crown there is a Brookfield shop marking, backwards double 2 (see below). The mold number is die stamped and slightly recessed.

Mold Number Location: On reverse to the right and below MADE IN.

Lettering Images:

Brookfield shop marking double 2
Brookfield shop marking on top of crown.

Arrow marks faint traces of a blot out on front below YN, which removed part of the original GTP lettering.