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Directors' Meeting,
Lynchburg Glass Corporation - September 9, 1924

These minutes were scanned, converted to text, and edited by Dennis Bratcher from original copies now in the Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia. The original minutes were typewritten. The text versions were converted to a screen font for ease of reading. As a result the exact formatting of the original has not been preserved. A scan of the original is below (parts of the scan are distorted).


Meeting of the Directors of the Lynchburg Glass Corporation was held in the Directors Room of the Peoples National Bank, September 9th, 1924 at 11 A. M. with the following present:

N. D. Eller
John Victor
J. William Gayner
C. M. Guggenheimer
J. D. Owen
D. H. Dillard
W. H. Loyd

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The president asked Mr. Gayner to report on his recent visit to tie Western Union headquarters in New York and his experiences with these people were related in full. There was no definite result from the visit as they had not approved of the sample Insulators submitted them.

The president next reported on his investigation of the Fruit Jar business and also on the Battery Jar business as far as he had gone with his investigation. He stated that he was still pursuing this and expected to make a full report at the next meeting of the Board.

He reported that be had closed a contract with the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, which included all Insulators used by them up to January 1st, 1925; he also discussed fully the situation with regard to the Canadian General Electric Company of Canada, explaining that the time was ripe to close a contract with these people and that the matter would be handled much better by having a representative on the ground, instead of handling it through correspondence. The Board was of the unanimous opinion that Mr. Eller should make this trip to Canada and close the contract as soon as possible.

Mr. Gayner, on request of the Board, gave his views of the Battery Jar business. He stated that in order to enter the Battery Jar business, expensive installations of machinery and moulds would be needed and that in view of the small volume of Battery Jars used in this country, he thought that it would not be the proper thing for the Company to go into.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

_____[signed: N D Eller]____ President

___[signed: W H Loyd]__ Secretary