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Director's Meeting,
Lynchburg Glass Corporation - January 25, 1924, 10AM

This was the first of two Directors' meeting this day; the second was held immediately after the annual stockholders' meeting.

These minutes were scanned, converted to text, and edited by Dennis Bratcher from original copies now in the Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia. The original minutes were typewritten. The text versions were converted to a screen font for ease of reading. As a result the exact formatting of the original has not been preserved. A scan of the original is below.


Meeting of the Directors of the Lynchburg Glass Corporation was held in the office at the plant January 25, 1924, at 10 A. M. with the following present:

N. D. Eller
J. Wm. Gayner
W. H. Loyd
C. L. Snidow
John Victor
J. D. Owen
D. H. Dillard

Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was dispensed with.

The President told the Board of recent developments in the Insulator market and gave a sketch of his trip to Muncie and New York in regard to the recent cut in prices of Insulators and his interviews with competitors and largest customers. He also gave the details of his Southern trip which he took in order to obtain Spring business and open agencies in several Southern cities. He stated that after taking this trip he felt very much encouraged as to the outlook for future trade.

Mr. Gayner’s proposition in regard to some of his stock was gone into fully and the Board was satisfied that the matter would be disposed of at an early date.

On motion duly seconded the Secretary was instructed to collect P. M. Massie’s note on his stock Subscription in full at the earliest possible date.

On motion duly seconded the officers were instructed to have the remaining unpaid portions of stock subscribed paid at once or as soon as they can be closed.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

___[signed: W H Loyd]__Secy. 

[handwritten: Pred]
___[signed: N D Eller]___Chairman.